Smart Solutions Dishwasher

Dirt Sensor

Decides how dirty the dishes are and chooses the most appropriate washing program.

Flexible Half Load

There’s no need to wait for both racks to be fully loaded. The Flexible Half Load option allows you to load either the upper, the lower, or both racks together as required for easy and economical washing.

Quick & Clean Program

Quick & Clean, a unique program from Beko, guarantees exceptional A class washing performance, not only for lightly soiled items, but also for normally or very soiled items as well.

Mini 30’ Program

Perfect for lightly soiled dishes and glasses, the mini 30’ program washes a full load in 30 minutes at 35 ºC, thus saving time and energy.

Water Safe

Beko comes with a double security system to prevent water leakage. Besides the main water safety system that shuts off the water inlet, WaterSafe+ provides extra safety by automatically shutting off the water supply if the water inlet hose begins to leak. Your home will thus be protected against any possible leaks.

Auto Program

Thanks to the Auto Program, the soil level of the dishes is detected by sensors, which then automatically determines the appropriate wash cycle for the case at hand, thus relieving you of the task of selecting the program yourself. The dishes are washed using the minimum required amount of energy and water, thereby ensuring that the program remains both practical and economical.